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to a lifetime of
healthy smiles!

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Tooth Buds Pediatric Dentistry in Chicago provides kid-focused, high-quality dental care from our family to yours!

Our goal at Tooth Buds Pediatric Dentistry is to make dentistry a stress-free, pleasant experience for your child.We care about your child with the best Pediatric Dentist Service in Chicago. There is nothing more satisfying than to see a child full of pride having had a successful visit to the dentist.

We look forward to spending time getting to know you and your child and
watching them grow into adults who will have a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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We Are Parents Too!

Dr. Mital Spatz takes what she has learned as a pharmacist, dentist, and as a parent and applies that knowledge and experience to your child’s dental care.  The team at Tooth Buds Pediatric Dentistry have learned the meaning of this as well.  We appreciate the important, day-to-day decisions parents make and we bring that into consideration as we complete your child’s dental care.  We appreciate your trust and we promise to earn it and keep it.  We look forward to being your child’s dental office for years to come.

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Why Choose A Pediatric Dentist?

Dr. Mital Spatz is a specialist in Dentistry for kids and adolescents as well as those with special needs, focusing exclusively on the early years–the most critical years–of your child’s dental care.

Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. A pediatric dentist has two to three years specialty training following dental school and limits his/her practice to treating children, adolescents and those with special health needs.

What Are the Advantages?

As Pediatric Dentists, we can help prevent dental-related issues that can be corrected more easily in childhood. We educate parents and children in preventive care in child-friendly terms and in a way that a developing child can be part of the process. Making a positive impression during a child’s first dental visits will influence the child’s view of dentistry lifelong. It is important that a child is comfortable with the dentist and staff as well as the overall environment. Our training, focused on pediatric dental needs as well as behavioral management, helps foster a positive relationship between your child and the dentist.

Visiting a specialist may be more expensive than a general dentist, but good dental care now will also be less expensive than problems later. At Tooth Buds Pediatric Dentistry in Chicago, your child will be safe, comfortable and well cared for. We provide a truly satisfying experience that, at this stage in your child’s development, will lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good dental health.

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A Lifetime of Smiles Begins Right Here

Good dental practices will have a lasting impact. Good dental experience early will provide the foundation for your child to continue healthy dental habits into the future. A child is not born with a fear of dentists; however, children often have a fear of the unknown.

We at Tooth Buds Pediatric Dentistry strive to keep everything at the office non-frightening, child-friendly, and simple to help a child learn a new environment at the dental office and be comfortable.

At Tooth Buds Pediatric Dentistry in Chicago, we focus on early prevention and making quality treatment a top priority. From the very first visit, we will work with you to make a lasting impact on your child’s health, development and well-being.

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